AEG Appliances

For the past 10 years Mayner and Cochran has been the authorised repairer of AEG home appliances in the ACT region and is an authorised distributor of AEG parts. Mayner and Cochran prides themselves on the high standard of maintenance and repairs they carry out on AEG products; providing the necessary training needed so their technicians in order to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently.  For AEG, Mayner and Cochran is the Recommended Repairer of their home products in the ACT region.

What about AEG Parts?

As a distributor of AEG parts, Mayner and Cochran will most likely have on hand the parts needed to complete your repair or be able to obtain the part in the next two to three business days. Access to spare parts, coupled with best practice services makes Mayner and Cochran the best choice for your AEG repair. All repairs carried out by Mayner and Cochran on out of warranty AEG appliances are also guaranteed for one year after the repair is made.