Mayner and Cochran’s relationship with Electrolux

Since 1967 Mayner and Cochran has been the authorised repairer of Electrolux home products in the ACT region and is an authorised distributor of Electrolux parts. Mayner and Cochran prides themselves on the high standard of maintenance and repairs they carry out on Electrolux products; providing specific Electrolux training to their technicians in order to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently.  For Electrolux, Mayner and Cochran is the Recommended Repairer of their home products. Electrolux sells appliances under a variety of brand names which are primarily intended for consumer use. Electrolux is consistently ranked the world’s second-largest appliance maker by units sold and have developed a brand for themselves which is consistent with reliability and durability.

We are the distributor of Electrolux parts.

As a distributor of Electrolux parts, Mayner and Cochran will most likely have on hand the parts needed to complete your repair or be able to obtain the part in the next two to three business days. Access to spare parts, coupled with best practice services makes Mayner and Cochran the best choice for your Electrolux repair. All repairs carried out by Mayner and Cochran on out of warranty Electrolux appliances are also guaranteed for one year after the repair is made.

Some Electrolux History.

Electrolux as a company has been around since 1919. Their first product was a vacuum cleaner and their marketing in the English speaking world began with the somewhat ironic catch phrase ‘Nothing sucks like and Electrolux’. There has been conjecture as to whether or not Electrolux actually knew the double meaning of the key adjective in the phrase. Since then however, Electrolux has expanded into a much larger product range and has the more subdued slogan “Thinking of you”, which is apt when considering how well thought through their products are and the training they ensure their authorised repair agents receive before servicing their products.

Original Absorption Type Refrigerator

Notable products that have been produced by Electrolux include an early model of the refrigerator, built in 1925. It was invented by Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters. Their refrigerator was an absorption model, meaning that it used a heat source, such as a kerosene flame, in order to drive the cooling process. The theory is where there is an absence of heat, there is cold. This is very different from a modern compression type refrigerator. The heat source would force a refrigerant consisting of water, ammonia, Hydrogen-gas and Sodium-Chromate through a series of pipes via an absorption process. This would create a mixture of positive and negative pressures due to the differing boiling points of ammonia and water. The ammonia, with a boiling point much lower than water, would separate from the water and then move through a condenser where it would dissipate its heat and turn back into a liquid form. The ammonium liquid is then combined with Hydrogen gas, causing it to rapidly evaporate and cool at the same time. The ammonia hydrogen mixture would then absorb the heat that is in the refrigerator, which would eventually separate out the hydrogen as the ammonia condenses into a liquid. The liquid ammonia would then make its way to a water reservoir to start the process over again.

Pioneering this method, Electrolux would set the stage for the development of the modern compressor driven refrigerator. If you would like to find out more about absorption type refrigeration, then watch this easy to understand video which gives a broad overview of how absorption refrigeration works.

Electrolux Promotions

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