M&C’s relationship with Kelvinator

For the past 40 years Mayner and Cochran has been the authorised repairer of Kelvinator home appliances in the ACT region and is an authorised distributor of Kelvinator parts. Mayner and Cochran prides themselves on the high standard of maintenance and repairs they carry out on Kelvinator products; providing the necessary training needed for their technicians in order to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently.  For Kelvinator, Mayner and Cochran is the Recommended Repairer of their home products in the ACT region.

Kelvinator is a major manufacturer of appliances, now owned by the Electrolux Corporation.  Their heritage is refrigerators and air conditioning units; though Mayner and Cochran do not service air conditioning units. Kelvinator are known for creating efficient, reliable, easy to use fridges and freezers.

Some Kelvinator History

Kelvinator was founded in 1914, in Detroit Michigan. Nathaniel B. Whales, an engineer, developed an experimental electric refrigerator and demonstrated it to Arnold Gross and Edmund J. Copeland, executives at the Buick Automobile company. Gross and Copeland were impressed by the electric refrigerators practical and saw the value in widespread home refrigeration. The company was originally funded and began as the “Electro-Automatic Refrigeration Company”.  However, 14 months later the name of the company was changed to Kelvinator, after st Baron of Kelvin, William Thompson, who first developed the concept of Absolute Zero; a state of nature devoid of energy where the enthalpy and entropy of matter ceases.

The first electric refrigerators were more akin to a split cycle air condition system and were called conversion refrigerators. These models consisted of an ice box built by the Grand Rapids Refrigeration company and a large belt driven refrigerant compressor, usually housed in a separate room or basement, built by Kelvinator. The ice boxed had a compartment for creating ice cubes and two cold food compartments. Cold air was circulated around the fridge via convection and looked similar to a stand-alone cupboard due to its wood grain finish and low stature. If you would like to have a look at one of these early models, have a look at this video.

Kelvinator was the first company to introduce auto-defrost and the side by side refrigerator freezer in the early 1950’s. These fridges named ‘Foodarama’ by Kelvinator were quite a revolutionary appliance, having moved from a time where the compressor was housed in the next room, having the whole freezer integrated into a side by side unit is quite a feat of engineering. The ‘Foodarama’ weighed in at a modest 75 kilograms and provided 311 litres of cooling space.  It featured a breakfast bar for storing eggs, bacon and fruit juices, as well as a cooled aluminium can dispenser rack in the freezer door.  If you want to see an original Kelvinator Foodorama refrigerator commercial, watch this video: