Simspon Appliances

For the past 40 years Mayner and Cochran has been the authorised repairer of Simpson home appliances in the ACT region and is an authorised distributor of Simpson parts. Mayner and Cochran prides themselves on the high standard of maintenance and repairs they carry out on Simpson products; providing the necessary training needed so their technicians in order to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently.  For Simpson, Mayner and Cochran is the Recommended Repairer of their home products in the ACT region. Simpson is a major manufacturer of appliances and is known for creating easy to use simple appliances, such as washing machines and dryers. Simpson’s reputation is built on durability, reliability and efficiency; they have over 100 years of experience in the appliance industry.

What about Simpson Parts?

As a distributor of Simpson parts, Mayner and Cochran will most likely have on hand the parts needed to complete your repair or be able to obtain the part in the next two to three business days. Access to spare parts, coupled with best practice services makes Mayner and Cochran the best choice for your Simpson repair. All repairs carried out by Mayner and Cochran on out of warranty LG appliances are also guaranteed for one year after the repair is made.

Where does Simpson come from?

The history of the Simpson brand is quite an interesting one. In 1849 a tinplate worker Named Alfred Simpson arrived with his family in South Australia and after various occupations, established himself as a tinsmith on Topham Street in Adelaide, 1853. Due to the establishment of agriculture in South Australia, Simpson began manufacturing that suited the industry. He grew his business into a manufacturing plant and named it the ‘Colonial Tinware Manufactory’. Their first direction towards home appliances was actually the manufacturing of safes, which gained a reputation as being ‘dynamite proof’.

In 1864, Simpson’s son, Alfred Muller Simpson, joined the company and by the time of Alfred Snr’s death in 1891, they were the largest metal manufacturing plant in Australia. In 1898, the company began enamel plating with porcelain. In the 1940’s, the company was known as Simpson and Son and began manufacturing white goods. In 1963 they merged with Pope Industries to form Simpson Pope Holdings. The Simpson brand, is now owned by Electrolux and they continue to produce household appliances.

An interesting side note is that Alfred Muller Simpsons son, Alfred Allen Simpson, better known as Allen Simpson, was an associate and supporter of the Royal Geographical Society.  When CT Madigan surveyed central Australia in 1929 the Simpson desert was named in his honour. Cape Simpson in Antarctica is aslo named after Allen Simpson due to his assistance with Douglas Mawson.

You can read more about the Simpsons at this this site.