Mayner & Cochran’s relationship with LG.

For the past 10 years Mayner and Cochran has been the authorised repairer of LG home appliances in the ACT region and is an authorised distributor of LG parts. Mayner and Cochran prides themselves on the high standard of maintenance and repairs they carry out on LG products; providing specific LG training to their technicians in order to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently.  For LG, Mayner and Cochran is the Recommended Repairer of their home products in the ACT region. LG is a major manufacturer of appliances and is known for creating a wide range of appliances intended for consumer use. LG home appliances are now becoming ‘smarter’ than ever, integrating them into the ‘internet of things’. This means that LG is making it possible to control your home appliances remotely via phone applications or web portals.

What about parts from LG?

As a distributor of LG parts, Mayner and Cochran will most likely have on hand the parts needed to complete your repair or be able to obtain the part in the next two to three business days. Access to spare parts, coupled with best practice services makes Mayner and Cochran the best choice for your LG repair. All repairs carried out by Mayner and Cochran on out of warranty LG appliances are also guaranteed for one year after the repair is made.

A little history about LG.

LG was initially established as a Korean chemical company in 1947 called Lak-Hui Chemical Corp. Lak-Hui in Korean is pronounced ‘Lucky’. They were the first Korean company to enter the plastics industry and were able to rapidly expand during the Korean conflict. Their first home appliance and consumer product was the radio receiver. After the Korean war, Lak-Hui began producing under the brands Lucky & Goldstar. They would eventually merge them to be become Lucky-Goldstar, remaining with this name until 1995; changing the name to LG in order to better compete in the Western Market.

LG linear compressor technology

LG is one of the only companies to use an Inverter Linear compressor in their refrigerators. These compressors are known for their energy saving properties because they produce less noise energy and less external heat energy due to the decreased number of friction points within the compressor mechanism. The inverter linear compressor can adapt itself to varying conditions within the fridge, maximising its compressor stroke distance when greater cooling is needed to be accomplished and minimising the compression stroke distance when a stable temperature is to be maintained. The simplicity of the design also means there are fewer components inside which can break.

LG home appliances are defined by their innovation, beautiful designs and reliability. This is why on LG offers a standard 10 year parts warranty in the case of your appliance needing repair. Their parts warranty makes LG one of the leaders in customer satisfaction, especially when a repair is carried out through Mayner and Cochran.

LG home products can be purchased through these major retailers at competitive prices.